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Don't Sweat The Technique

Worldwide Deluxe Combination Pack

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Worldwide 'Puffy' MMA Gloves: M
Worldwide Elbow Guards: Regular
Worldwide Knee Guards: Regular


Elevate your training experience with these beautiful 8 oz Worldwide 'Puffy' MMA Gloves, Elbow & Knee Guards. Designed with durability and performance in mind, these gloves are manufactured using premium leather and high-quality foam to offer optimal shock absorption and a signature aesthetic. Lightweight, flexible, and ergonomic, these gloves offer fighters superior protection while striking, grappling, and submitting their opponent.

Our Elbow & Knee Guards offer a turtle shell molded foam top, an anatomically correct fit and double stitched seams, the Worldwide Elbow & Knee Guards provide the protection, flexibility and comfort needed for the rigors of the sport. 


✅ Open palm 8 oz glove for full grappling capabilities

✅ Double stitched seams for enhanced durability

✅ Neoprene sleeve elbow & knee guards with leather striking surface

✅ Injected molded foam technology

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