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Don't Sweat The Technique

It all started with a dream.

Who we are

Techniques provides fighters a classic take on traditional combat equipment, with the highest quality materials and sleek, functional design. We understand the dynamic nature of combat sports, and the unique needs each fighter has for every phase of their training. With performance at the heart of everything we create, we proudly present our innovative and sport-specific collection to the martial arts community at large.


Our mission is to represent the true fighting spirit that exists inside all martial artists. We believe that martial arts is about self-expression, development, and embracing grit and mental toughness in favour of false grandeur. Our products encourage the expression that comes with combat, and allow customers to manifest themselves through the art form which has played such a defining role in our lives.


Much like training often defines a fighters outcome, we believe that quality defines the success of our products. We pay meticulous attention to each stage of creation, maintaining strict quality control for an error-free, secure and high-quality reange of products that are built to last.

The Ultimate Guide to Striking

The Ultimate Guide to Striking provides a deep dive on striking for MMA, Muay Thai and Kickboxing, whether in a ring or an octagon. We cover stance, footwork, ring & octagon control, feints, angles, set ups, deception and southpaw tactics. So that martial arts practitioners at every level can take something with them to improve their game.

The Southpaw Advantage

In any sport, we learn and understand how to attack and defend our opponents through repeated movements. If I know which way players generally like to move, I can anticipate that movement and beat them to the spot. If most of the opponents I compete against are right handed, they probably have certain movements that are done based off of this dominant hand. Now if all of a sudden I face a left handed opponent, those movements are opposite, creating confusion in how I should attack this problem. This guide provides tactics on how to compete as, or against southpaws.

Technique Breakdowns

Our Technique Breakdowns provide a deeper look at what goes into specific martial arts techniques and how to apply them into your game. Use these to improve your skill level!

Blog Posts

From fight picks to beginners guides, keep up to date on all things Techniques.

Techniques TorontoLife Feature

Techniques founder Lars Mueller had the pleasure of being featured in a TorontoLife article on the beginnings of the companies formation.

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