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Where Classic Design Meets Modern Technology

The Akala Boxing Glove offers a classic look and design for style-conscious fighters, and new aged combat technology informed by top level combat sports athletes and trainers. We take the testing of our products very seriously, because we understand the growth of a martial artist should not be hindered by the quality of his or her training equipment.

Designed with a hook & loop wrist wrap closure strapping system, these high quality genuine leather gloves provide superior wrist and palm support to ensure your wrists will not bend at the point of impact. They are designed with an attached thumb that places your hand in the perfect position to prevent injuries.

These competition gloves are expertly curved with high-density foam padding that provides advanced shock absorption and protection for even the hardest hitters.

The air mesh in-palm provides maximum airflow, while the anti-moisture wicking lining ensures your hands keep dry and don’t get too hot during the hardest sessions.


  • High-Quality Genuine Leather
  • Intelligent Shock Absorption Technology
  • Improved Fit for a Better Fist
  • Air Mesh In-Palm System Helps to Keep Your Hand Cool and Comfortable
  • Embroidered and Printed Techniques Graphics

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Why Genuine Leather?

Genuine leather is a great indictment of a high quality boxing glove. The chances of stitching, or tearing happening are much less likely and they keep their shape after long term use much better compared to the synthetic alternatives. Overall Genuine Leather ensure quality.

Why Does Quality Matter?

Simply, quality matters because of your bank account. If you buy a $40 glove off of amazon, that seems like a great price at first glance, but what they can’t guarantee is longevity of use, so after a few training sessions or months of training, they fall apart.

At which point you will have to buy a new pair. In our opinion it comes down to; buy a low quality glove multiple times over a year or buy one high quality genuine leather glove once.

Why Focus on Reduced Risk of Injury?

The journey of a martial artist is a long one spent in the gym and on the mats. We understand that it is about growth and development, which cannot be done if you are injured and outside of the gym.

The most common injuries combat sports athletes face are from impact. If you hit the bag, and your wrist bends at the point of impact or you hit thumb first, you can damage the structure or ligaments in your wrist or thumb. Which will in turn prevent you from training. Train smarter, longer and harder with the Akala Glove.

"Best gloves on market. This is my second pair. They are well designed, well made and look like 🔥 in the gym. Lots of great features. Definitely worth it!"

Michele R


"The gloves feel tight and hit hard"

Kyle S


"Best gloves on the market, I'm a techniques customer for life!"

Emily M



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