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Don't Sweat The Technique

Musashi Combination Pack

Musashi 2.0 Boxing Gloves (Size): 10oz
Musashi Shin Guards (Size): L


The Musashi Combination Pack offers athletes some of our best-selling items: the Musashi gloves and matching shin guards. The signature street graffiti design captures all the different elements of martial arts in one, so the athlete who wears it can feel the full expression of the sport while they train. The Musashi gloves and shin guards are crafted with new-age combat technology, in development with top level combat sports athletes and trainers. We take the testing of our products very seriously, because we understand the growth of a martial artist should not be hindered by the quality of his or her training equipment.

The Musashi Boxing Gloves are designed with a hook & loop wrist wrap closure strapping system, these high quality microfiber leather gloves provide superior wrist and palm support to ensure your wrists will not bend at the point of impact. They are designed with an attached thumb that places your hand in the perfect position to prevent injuries.

The Musashi Shin Guards are expertly curved with high-density foam padding that provides advanced shock absorption and protection for even the hardest hitters.


✅ Musashi Boxing Gloves

✅ Musashi Shin Guards

✅ Hand Wraps

✅ High-quality microfiber leather

✅ Intelligent shock absorption technology

✅ Improved fit for a better fist

✅ Musashi street graffiti design

 Shin Guard Size Shin Guard Length Height
M 13"

5'2 - 5'9

L 14"


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