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Don't Sweat The Technique

Technique Tuesday - Israel Adesanya



The difference between a regular combination and a high level combination can often not be seen to the untrained eye. This is because of small cadence or level changes that make the combination slightly different than normal, throwing off the opponents ability to read what is coming.

In this weeks Technique Tuesday we take a look at a combination thrown by Israel Adesanya, from the early kickboxing days. The combination is simple at first glance, it is just a cross - hook - head kick, but what makes it elite is the footwork and angles added mid combination. 

Firstly we must understand the idea of a throwaway punch, this is simply just a half assed punch thrown without the intention of landing flush so that it disguises a movement or incoming attack. 

In this case Israel uses two throwaway punches and one fight ending head kick. The throwaway cross is used to disguise a step to the outside with his left foot, while the throwaway hook is used to disguise an angle change to set up the high kick. 

What follows is beautiful violence:





A few more details not covered in the video. If this specific step to out outside is not taken by the lead foot. 



Israel Adesanya Kickboxing Footwork



Then once we change our angle, then our centerline will not be facing the opponent and we will not be in a position to attack. 



Israel Adesanya Kickboxing Footwork



Try this out next time you can, and remember, the difference between a high level combination and a normal combination is cadence, level and angle changes. 

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Happy Training.

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