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Don't Sweat The Technique

Follow Your Passion?

Is it true passion will take you places? Is that a true statement we're always told? Follow your passion.

Right now the only thing following my passion has gotten me is concussions, a car accident, an empty bank account & termination of employment papers. 

I don't care about much, but I love this game. I love the sweat, I love the tears, I love the blood, the commitment, the grind, the heart, the sacrifice needed to succeed. It isn't guaranteed but every inch of success comes at a cost, a cost of time you could be spending elsewhere, with family, with friends, on a career, on a future. But when you're fighting there is no future, no time past your fight date. 

That's what I love about MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, any martial art really. You aren't just watching a fight, you're watching two men make the ultimate sacrifice, for just an ounce of glory. I recently watched the Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder fight, and once it was over all I could do was feel sympathy for Deontay. I wanted Fury to win, I believe he is the best boxer on planet earth, but I felt for Wilder. He had just made the ultimate sacrifice, uprooted his life, changed trainers because they threw in the towel, and he most likely lost years of his life because he was a warrior who wanted to go out on his shield, and he did. 

I have immense respect for that attitude and belief. This attitude may have cost him in the end, but what people miss is it is also why he succeeded in life in the first place.

In the same sense, I know that following my passion may not lead me down a path of success, it may not lead me down a path of wealth, but what it will allow me to do is look myself in the mirror and say I tried. It will allow me to do it my way. 

When I was fighting in Muay Thai, Israel Adesanya was fighting in the kickboxing promotion Glory. Dude was my favourite fighter, I watched him join the UFC and followed the whole rise. 

I saw a post from someone close to him following the Paulo Costa fight, before the fight he was having a hard time staying awake, and knowing he should be engaged in the upcoming battle this ate at his brain. Rather than allow that thought to overcome him, he said "fuck it, I die on my own terms". Took a nap, woke up and starched Costa in 2 rounds. 

As someone had their fair share of amateur fights, that always stuck with me. The mind before battle is a fragile thing, fights can be won or lost in that back room alone. 

So I don't know where this ride will take me, I'm not sure if it will end with a worldwide combat sports equipment and apparel company, or a negative bank account with heaps of debt.

But fuck it, I die on my own terms.

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