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Don't Sweat The Technique

Chikara Muay Thai Pads

Style: Classic


The Chikara Muay Thai Pads were designed to endure punishment, with high quality leather and ergonomic high-density padding for enhanced shock absorption. Built to last, these Muay Thai pads also utilize reinforced stitching for improved durability.

Designed with the Muay Thai coach and gym in mind, the Chikara Muay Thai Pads feature a double strap and a sleek, compact build to give the pad holder space to move. Despite their lean and lightweight appearance, their thick pad provides the perfect amount of resistance and surface area for strikes.


✅ High-quality leather

✅ Intelligent shock absorption technology

✅ Designed to last

✅ Sleek, slim design

✅ Sport specific build

✅ Tested in collaboration with professional trainers and fighters

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