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Polkadot MMA Combination Pack

Shin Guard Size: M
Glove Size: Large


The Polkadot MMA Combination Pack offers a bold take on traditional martial arts equipment, with signature street graffiti style. The Hideko design captures all the different elements of martial arts in one, so the athlete who wears it can feel the expression of the sport while they train.

Elevate your training experience with these beautiful 8 oz Polkadot MMA Gloves. Manufactured using the highest built quality, to provide superior performance that is on tier with the signature aesthetic. Injected with high quality foam to offer optimal shock absorption for better protection of the fighter and their opponent. 

Designed with sport specifics in mind, our Polkadot Shin Guards offer an advanced and ergonomic design that protects your shins where they need it most.


✅ Polkadot MMA Gloves

✅ Polkadot Shin Guards

✅ Hand Wraps

✅ High-quality microfiber leather

✅ Intelligent shock absorption technology

✅ Improved fit for a better fist

✅ Hideko street graffiti design

 Size Shin Length Height
M 13"

5'2 - 5'9

L 14"


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