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Don't Sweat The Technique

Iniko Mini Focus Mitts

Size: Standard
Color: White/Red


Designed and developed with precision striking in mind, the Iniko Mini Focus Mitts offer a small target that improves speed and hand-eye coordination so that athletes can hit the target when it matters most. 

These mitts offer a pre-curved shape that fits the hand's perfect position, while offering an open hand style for breathability and natural feel. They are made with high-density inside padding and genuine cowhide leather that will break in perfectly to each specific hand.

The intentionally lightweight design reduces shoulder strain and fatigue for a longer lasting workout. The Iniko Focus Mitts are a valuable tool in any combat athlete's development and conditioning. 


✅ Genuine cowhide leather

✅ Pre-curved ergonomic design

✅ High-density padding

✅ Fitting for left and right hand

✅ Small target for precision striking

✅ Lightweight for decreased shoulder strain


7.25" x 8" (18.5cm x 20.3cm)


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