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Polkadot MMA Deluxe Combination Pack

Shin Guard Size: M
Glove Size: S
Shorts Size: XS


The Polkadot MMADeluxeCombination Pack offers athletes some of our best-selling items: the 8 oz Polkadot MMA Gloves, Polkadot Shin Guards, and the Neo MMA shorts. With a stylish and performance-oriented design, the athlete who wears it can feel confident in practice and in competition.

Both the MMA gloves and the shin guards were designed with durability and performance in mind, and manufactured using premium leather and high-quality foam to offer optimal shock absorption and a flexible, ergonomic fit. Our Neo MMA Shorts offer uncompromised range, motion, durability and style, providing the effortless movement required by our sport.


✅ Polkadot MMA Gloves

✅ Polkadot Shin Guards

✅ Neo MMA Shorts

✅ High-quality leather

✅ Intelligent shock absorption technology

Shin Guard Size Shin Guard Length Height
M 13"

5'2" - 5'9"

L 14"


Shorts Size Waist (in) Length (in)
XS 28' 13.8'
S 30' 14.4'
M 32' 15'
34' 15.4'
36' 15.8'

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Receive a free pair of hand wraps with the purchase of our MMA gloves! 🥊

Model is 6'0", 185 lbs, in a size M.

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