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Designed with sport specifics in mind, our Koharu Professional Shin Guards offer an advanced and ergonomic design that protects your shins where they need it most, the actual shin bone. This keeps our shin guards from adding extra, unneeded bulk.

During the process of learning and mastering kicking, you need to feel safe in what you’re doing. Therefore these genuine leather shin guards, with lightweight padding, have a sleek design so that they do not get in the way of an athlete’s movement and explosiveness.


  • Made with High Quality Genuine Leather
  • Strategically Placed Padding
  • Sleek, Simple Design
  • Soft Inside Foam Laminated Cloth Lining
  • Velcro Strap Closer
  • Lightweight
Size Shin Length Height
S 12" 4'5 - 5'1
M 13"

5'2 - 5'10

L 14"

5'11 - 6'5

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Strategically Built

Ergonomic design protects your shins where they need it most, the actual shin bone. So you can feel safe in what you're doing, and not be hindered by the bulkiness of your equipment.


Sleek, simple design aid in your development as a martial artist.

"These shin pads are the best, I usually end up all bruised up after hard training sessions"

Adam J

2 APR 2020

"Love them, tight fit and don't get in the way or slide around"

Eric N

15 FEB 2021

"Has padding directly on the shin bone so there's no bulk, would recommend"

Alex M

22 May 2021


Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

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